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What is assistive technology?

Assistive technology is the term used to describe any tool that can assist you to complete a task. Assistive technologies can help to make tasks easier and help you to complete tasks more efficiently. At All Saints' College, we have a collection of assistive technologies available for student computers, which may be useful and beneficial to learning. Our collection includes websites, apps, programs, and gadgets.


Who can I approach for assistance with my assistive technology?

If you are interested in accessing the assistive technology available at All Saints' College, please contact the Learning Support Coordinator, Jeanette Sealy

If you require assistance with installing & using your technology, please contact Learning Support Education Assistant, Rebecca Chapman


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What are Snippets?

Snippets are bite-sized, speedy ways to learn about some of the helpful Assistive Technology options available.

See the Courier (Learning Technologies section) for new Snippets each fortnight and check out Seqta Home > Learning Support > Assistive Technology > Snippets

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