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Microsoft Teams gives you great flexibility in displaying "tabs" in any channel within a Team so you can make favourite apps and files into tabs at the top of the channel.


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Each Team starts with a conversation and files tab, hitting the "+" allows you to add more:


Add a tab 
Turn your favorite apps and files into tabs at the top Of the channel. 
Tabs for ycv_lr team 
Document Excel 
PowerPoint SharePoint Stream 
All Tabs 
PowerApps VS' S 
You lube

What could you add?

  • Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF) you have previously uploaded 
  • A YouTube video
  • Planning area
  • Microsoft Stream video (or a whole channel of videos - I embed my ICT tip videos)
  • A Wiki (for collaborative meeting notes)
  • Any website - if your group or class use a website frequently (like the start page for Kahoot for example) you can have that site appear in a tab, reducing the time it takes to get students there.
  • A OneNote notebook - even if the Team already has a notebook associated with it you can add another if needed.

Coding Team > General 
coding the College -Cede - -i


Teams gives you some great flexibility in organising what you display - check it out!


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