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Categories and Tags
Categories and tags are a great way to keep your portfolio organized. They help to show your portfolio visitors the relationship between posts, photos, videos, and other content.


Categories should help to establish the topic of the post, from large to small. Broadly, the post may be about art. Within the category of Art you may also choose to narrow down the type of art, such as painting. This will help your portfolio visitors find more of what they enjoy.


To create and use a category:

Step 1
In your WordPress dashboard click Posts > Categories


Step 2
Add a new category name and click “Add New Category


Step 3
With each new post be sure to select the proper category. You may also add new categories from within the Post admin page.


Adding Categories To The Menu
Once you have populated a category with post content you can add that category as a menu item at the top of your portfolio to allow quick access to the category content.

Step 1
Visit Appearance > Menus from your WordPress dashboard. If you have multiple menus be sure to select the one that is set as your “Primary Menu”.


Step 2
The newly added category can be added as a top-level menu item or as a sub-menu item.


Step 3
Save your changes to the menu.


Tags work in much the same fashion as categories. Tags work very well for adding many words that can be associated with a search for a specific type of content.
They are added in the same way as categories, either by clicking Posts > Tags or from within a new post, just below where a new category is added in the right sidebar of the admin page.

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