How do I create a QuickCliq (Canteen) Account?

Answered by Myles Keeffe

Note: Separated parents can either choose to share an account, or create two separate accounts which share the same child. More information on this is provided later.

Before you can start using QuickCliq you need to create an account. To get started head to the QuickCliq homepage and click the Signup button. Fill in all your (the Parent's) personal details. Click the Captcha (I'm Not a Robot) checkbox and complete any questions it gives you. Afterwards, agree to QuickCliq's T&C's (after reading them of course!) and select whether or not to signup to the newsletter (it's selected by default). Click finish when you're ready.

You will receive an email from (check your junk folder in case) with a link to activate your account. Click/open the link in your browser, and when you receive the confirmation message go to QuickCliq's homepage again.

Login with your chosen email/password. On your first time logging in you will be greeted with a message to add a child & add funds to your account. Get started with adding a child by clicking "Add Student" in the menu. Depending on your child's year, you will need to fill out the Tutor/Room section differently.

For Years K - 7: Fill in your child's teacher's class name (e.g. 7V, 5Z)

For Years 8 - 12: Fill in your child's tutor group teacher's 3 letter code (e.g. MKE), if you don't know this ask your child.

Additionally you can also add any allergies in the last box. Click "Next" when you're ready.

Note For Separated Parents: If QuickCliq detects a child with the same details in another account, it will ask you if you want to share the child between both accounts. This will send an invite to the account with the child already added, and they will need to accept it.

Lastly before you can order, you will need to add funds to your account. Click "Add Credit" in the menu, and follow the prompts to add funds using your chosen provider.

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