How do I see my child's assessments/test scores?

Answered by Myles Keeffe

Login to SEQTA Engage via this link to access details about your child's assessments, timetable & reports. If you are prompted to sign in, login with the username and password provided by the school. (Your username should be 6 numbers, e.g. 123123).

Once you are logged in, click the "Assessments" button in the sidebar. On mobile you may need to press the menu icon in the top left (≡) to access the menu. If you have multiple children attending the school you will also be prompted to select which child to view assessments for. You will also need to select a subject to view results for. To see results for previous years, at the bottom of the menu there are additional links to previous semesters & years.

For each assessment you will be able to see the min, average & max scores. You can also see any teacher feedback, comments, marking keys & any additional information which may have been provided for the assessment. If your child submitted a file to SEQTA for the assessment, depending on how the teacher has released marks, you will also be able to view your child's submission (under the "Submissions" tab).

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