How do I put more money on a student card?

Answered by Myles Keeffe

To add money to a student's bus & canteen card you have two options:

1. Using the Swype Mobile App (for iOS & Android)

1.1 Download and login to the Swype app on your phone

1.2 You child balances should show on the dashboard screen

1.3 Click the blue "Add Credit" button

1.4 Select the children you wish to add credit to, and enter the amount to add

1.5 Click "Submit Payment"

2. Using the Horizons West Swype Portal (for PC's)

2.1 Head to and login with your school account

2.2 Under the "My Cards" tab, ensure you have added a card to your account

2.3 On the home page, find the child you wish to add credit to, and under the action tab on the right hand side click the  button.

2.4 Enter the amount you wish to add, and click "Submit Order".

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