What do I do if my computer is slow?

Answered by Ashley Lance

  • My computer is lagging, loading things slowly and/or freezing
  • Some programs are not working the way they should

Best fixes:

  • Press the Windows button (Left Corner of your Taskbar, or the four squares on your keyboard), press the power button and hold SHIFT while selecting 'Shut Down'.
  • Make sure that if the option says to update and restart, that you allow the updates to happen.



Advanced fix:

  • Open your Task Manager (hold CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) and see what programs are using the most memory. Closing some of the higher programs will help your laptop speed up.
  • Common examples are many tabs in an Internet Browser (such as Chrome), or apps like Minecraft. It is also recommended that you perform a "Shift Shut Down" next time you are able to turn your laptop off.
  • You can check if updates are needed and download them without shutting down. (See: How do I check for updates?)



If the problem persists, come to the TSC.