How do I sync a Teams (SharePoint) folder to my computer?

Answered by Ashley Lance

If you're annoyed with having to access a Team every single time you need to access a file, there's a way you can access that Team's folder in your normal File Explorer, making the whole process a lot easier. 

  • Open up the folder that you'd like to link to from Teams
  • In the top bar, press "Open in SharePoint". It will have a turquoise blue symbol next to it
  • It will open a window in your browser. Click the "Sync" button up the top
  • This will open a new pop up that asks if you want to open it in OneDrive. Click "Open in OneDrive"
  • Now you'll be able to find it in your File Explorer, under the "All Saints' College" Section. Any changes made to these files will be able to be seen by your other teammates.