What do I do if my computer is overheating?

Answered by Ashley Lance


If your computer is hot to the point you can't touch it, or you notice bulging: Immediately unplug the laptop from power and shut it down. Ensure there are no flammables around the laptop, and let it sit. Do not attempt to open the laptop up. If it catches fire, extinguish it ASAP as you would for a combustible fire. Call the TSC as soon as you can.

You may occasionally notice your laptop gets quite warm. Normally this is of no concern, and will cool back down within 5-10 minutes. It can mean however that your computer isn't operating efficiently and may have a shorter battery life. To help with this, you can try closing programs you aren't currently using. Some resource intensive programs (like games or Adobe Premiere/After Effects) can require quite a lot of computing power and may result in noticeable warmth, this is normal and should stop once you close the program(s).

If you are concerned, please bring it to the TSC.