What do I do if my OneDrive is not syncing?

Answered by Ashley Lance

  • Your OneDrive folders are not showing up with a tick
  • You are getting an error notification that states that your OneDrive is not syncing.

OneDrive should automatically sync files that have been saved in it. 

Make sure you are connected to the internet through any network (it does not have to be ASC Wifi). For larger files, it will generally take longer to sync so make sure you've waited for a little bit. 

To check the if the file is selected to be synced by clicking the blue OneDrive icon at the right side of the TaskBar (the bar at the bottom of your screen) - you may have to click the ^ arrow and check there if you don't see it right there. Select More Settings > Account tab > Choose folders. Check that the folder you want to sync is marked to be synced.

If you still have some concerns,  check out this website, or come to the TSC.