How do I export videos in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Answered by Ashley Lance


Press 'Ctrl'+M, choose your export settings - H.264 or AVI. Click on the blue output name to change what the video is called and where it will be exported to, then click export. If you want it to be higher quality click 'Use Maximum Render Quality', set the audio quality to High, and change the bitrate to 320.

  • While the sequence you want to export is open, hold CTRL + M
  • Choose your export settings (we recommend H.264, which will export a .mp4 file or AVI, which will export a .avi file)
  • Click on the blue name of the file to change what the final video will be called and where it will be exported to

To make sure your export is at the highest possible quality:

  • Select Use Maximum Render Quality
  • Set the audio quality to High
  • Change the bit-rate to 320