What do I do if there is no sound for me in a Teams Call?

Answered by Ashley Lance

  • You can't hear other people in the call

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If you can't hear someone in a meeting on Microsoft Teams it could be because of several reasons.


  • Your computer volume is off:

Check your volume by pressing the buttons on the side of your computer. Look for the volume buttons on the side of your computer located next to the power button, and turn your volume up. For more troubleshooting with sound (if other programs are also muted), see: What do I do if my sound isn't working?


  • The Teams Software is muted:

Right-click the volume icon on the right side of your Taskbar (it may be hidden, check by clicking up-facing arrow). Click "Open Volume Mixer" and make sure the speaker/earphone device you are using is selected on the left. Check that the Teams volume is not lowered - you can control the volume of it here. If you can't see Teams, reconnect your listening device. 


  • You have not yet joined the call:

Microsoft Teams normally asks users to confirm joining a call once they are set up. Double-check that you have entered the call and have confirmed that you wish to join the meeting. 


  • The speaker's microphone is muted:

The default setting when joining calls (with more than 5 people) is to have your microphone off. Check if the speaker's microphone is by looking for a small microphone icon with a slash through it. If so, use your mic or the Meeting Chat function to let them know. 


Use the Meeting Chat to let the others in your call know. If others are having the same problem, it is most likely an issue on the Speakers side. For more help, contact the TSC.