What do I do if my teams video isn't working?

Answered by Amrit Jessy

When the video on a teams call won't work, there are a number of potential problems: (You should always message the current group you are on, and let them know you're having problems.)

You haven't yet joined the meeting:

if your video won't work and you're just seeing yourself, look for a join button on the screen and click it

you or the other person has their camera turned off:

Microsoft teams defaults to the setting - camera off,  so make sure you've turned it on. If there's a camera icon with a line through it, your camera is turned off. click this icon to turn the camera on.

Your connection is slow:

this normally causes pixilated video. check your speed here. If your download speed is less than 5 Mbps, or your upload less than 1 Mbps, please go to your parents and notify them of the problem.


If none of these options work, please contact the TSC