How do I shut down my computer?

Answered by Midge Khinsoe

There are a few ways to shut down your computer.

Method 1 (the normal way)

  1. Open the windows menu by clicking the windows icon on your taskbar, or the windows key on your keyboard
  2. Click the Power icon
  3. Click "Shut Down"

Method 2 (Keyboard commands - for when Method 1 doesn't work)

  1. Hold the Windows key and X
  2. Click U
  3. Click U again

This final click will shut down your computer.

Method 3 (CTRL ALT DEL)

Another method for when the normal methods won't work.

  1. Hold the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys simultaneously
  2. Click the power button in the bottom right
  3. Click "Shut Down"