How do I use SEQTA Learn (Students)

Answered by Midge Khinsoe

SEQTA Learn is the Student version of SEQTA, the college's reporting system.

To log in to SEQTA learn:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in when prompted using your school account (see: What's my All Saints username and password?)

Once logged in, you will see a variety of options down the left side of the screen. here are a few of the important ones and what they do:


This is where you can view upcoming assessments for all your subjects, along with their date and weighting. It is also where you can view your marks for and reflect on assessments once teachers release them. By clicking on a mark, you can also view the mean and standard deviation for that task.


This is where you can view the course outlines for any of your subjects. These documents contain an outline of what you'll be covering and when, along with the relevant assessments.


This is a customizable screen to give quick access to your timetable, pastoral care and other pieces of information.

Direct Messages

This is where you can send and receive Direct Messages - sort of like an internal email system. 


This is a customizable notice board, where you can view notices for year groups, houses, student groups (e.g. music) and more. 


This is where you can access all your past school reports. It is also where the college distributes new reports.


Here you can control a number of preferences, like how SEQTA looks, or download the mobile app.


This is where you can view your timetable for the week. When clicking on a subject, it will open a popup containing the lesson times, the room, and who the teacher is. It also has buttons to email the teacher and change the subject's colour on your timetable.