What is Paint 3D?

Answered by Jacob Gray

File:Paint-3D-fluent-icon.png - Wikimedia Commons 

Paint 3D is a new app included in Windows 10 aimed to replace and improve upon the old paint app. It includes the ability to create and manipulate 3D images and shapes and then place them into real-world scenes using your webcam. 


Some of the features of Paint 3D are: 

  • A great set of drawing tools  
  • A way to draw 2D images that can transform to 3D objects that can be viewed from any angle 
  • A library of amazing 3D objects which can be manipulated and sketched on 
  • The ability to place any of these 3D objects into “real life” using the camera. 

A short video showing off the new features is viewable here

Here is a short video by Microsoft that gives an overview of the features A Guide to Paint 3D

Here is a video by Mr Port that goes into more detail Paint 3D Introduction