How do I print at school?

Answered by Amrit Jessy

Swipe to print - Photocopiers

Throughout the school are these photocopiers shown below from which you can release your printing. In order to do this, you will require a staff card, and print to "ASC Printers", which is automatically deployed to all Staff and Students.

Print Release

To begin place your card on the swipe release station, located on the left shown below. If you have no pending print jobs then you will see this default menu. In it there are three options:

  • Print Release - Print waiting jobs more on that later
  • Copy - Photocopy options will be presented in order of complexity
  • Scan - Simplified scan to email and OneDrive options, should you require more complex scanning functionality
  • (

If you do have jobs pending release you will be automatically directed upon login to the "Print Release" page. Select job to print and press "Print" on the bottom right"


Press the "Copy" icon on the default menu, another window will appear press copy again. You will be presented with this window shown below, place original on glass or feeder, and select printing options. Please note common defaults:

  • Black and White
  • 1 sided
  • Tray auto

Make sure to change these if you require duplex and color.


Press the scan icon on the default menu, two options will be presented "Scan to my email" and "OneDrive"

When scanning to your school email select the "Scan to my Email" option, you will be only able to scan to your own email address. Should you wish to change the default options press the "Change Settings" icon on the right.