How do I create a multi-player world in Minecraft: Education Edition?

Answered by Myles Keeffe

When you want to play with friends on the same Minecraft world you will need to create a multi-player server. There's two ways to create a multi-player server:

In an Already Existing World:

If you're already in-game on an existing world start by pressing "Esc" to reveal the menu. Click "Start Hosting" and click through the confirmation message. You will then be given an invite code as well as a server IP/Port which you can give to your friends so they can join your world.

(IP Address in image is in a private range and will not work)

Creating a New World:

If you are creating a world from scratch, you can start it as a multi-player server straight away by clicking "Host" rather then "Play" on the creation screen. To get your invite code, follow the steps outlined above.

Additional Information:

Please be aware that unless you setup permissions, players on your server will be able to place & break blocks in your world. Give out your invite code only to people you trust!