How do I recover a file I accidently deleted?

Answered by Jacob Gray

If you accidentally delete a file first check your recycle bin which is where deleted files get sent. The recycling bin is on your desktop and looks like this. 

Find the file in the list, click on it and click on Recycle Bin Tools. Then click restore the selected item. Your item will appear back at its original location 


If you can’t find your file in the recycle bin read the guide below.


If you accidentally delete a file and can't find it in the recycling bin and you saved it to OneDrive it might be in the OneDrive recycle bin. To access the recycle bin, go to MyASC > Office 365 > OneDrive and you will arrive at this screen. 

Click on Recycle Bin and this page will open. 

Look through the list and see if your file is there. They are sorted by the date they were deleted. Once you find the file click on it. 

Click on restore and your file will be moved back to where it was originally. The original location column will tell you where it will be restored to if you forgot. 

If you still can’t find the file bring your laptop to the help desk at Nexus.