How do I Save and Share customize and annotated web pages on Microsoft Edge?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Microsoft Edge allows you to conveniently save and Share customised and annotated webpages, a powerful tool to support study and collaboration.

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Click on the Add Notes icon to access the Add Notes toolbar
  • Use the Ballpoint PenHighlighterEraserAdd A NoteClip and Draw with Touch tools to create your customized annotations
  • Click on the Save icon
    • Choose to save your annotated webpage to OneNoteFavorites or to a Reading List
    • Name your annotated webpage to make it easier to identify
  • Click on the Share icon
    • Choose to share your annotated webpage to OneNote, as a Link or via Mail.
    • Sharing via Mail allows you to send your webpage with a personalized message
    • Sharing via OneNote allows you to place your webpage into the Collaboration Space, great for group projects!