What is Kahoot?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Kahoot is a game-based learning tool that is just something you MUST try out.



Gamification is a buzz word in education right now - Kahoot is a tool that allows you to create that game-style competition that makes learning so much more fun for students of ALL ages. Year 2 students love it, my Year 12 students come into class requesting a Kahoot every day!


To sign up for a free account go to https://getkahoot.com


What is Kahoot!?



There are options to create a quiz from the start, or you can search for a quiz from the thousands available.


After you choose a Kahoot and select "Play" your students will see a screen with the website to go to (kahoot.it) and a code to play the game


Students are then asked for a nickname - I always insist on first names as I want to use the data I get to analyse what my students understand. Any inappropriate names can be deleted.


Once everyone is in, the game starts. The question appears on the screen, students answer by selecting the response on their device. The faster the response, the more points are awarded.



A leaderboard is shown after each question and gives valuable time to explain misconceptions based on the responses.


At the end of the quiz we get a winner and runners up celebration, students then rate the quiz and teachers get a fantastic spreadsheet to download that contains all of the information you need to make this a powerful formative assessment tool - including a breakdown of results by question and student performance.


Check out the video for an overview:


Greg Clarke uses Kahoot regularly in his classes and reports:

"I’ve used Kahoot to engage students in new topics, teach content, and formally & informally assess students. ‘Blind’ Kahoots are also an exciting and visual way to introduce and build content knowledge; they facilitate inquisitive learning and evoke students to start applying their existing knowledge to discover new information. Kahoots are more than just interactive quizzes!"

Multiple choice has never been so awesome! 

Have a go!