What is Quizziz?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Formative assessment - assessment for learning - is a key practice in helping students understand what they know and what they need to improve on. The goal of formative assessment is to monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by teachers to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning.




Video web content titled: Quizziz



There are some great tools that are free and easy to use where teachers can assess students understanding and are fun at the same time! Win-win!



Quizziz is a tool very similar to Kahoot - with some key differences.



Unlike Kahoot, a quiz in Quizziz is paced by the student. There is an optional leaderboard and the teacher can see at any time where students are up to and which questions are proving challenging. Quizziz quizzes can also be set as homework so students can go through them later if they miss the quiz in class.



Another great feature is the ability to add questions from any other quiz to form your own. This makes putting a quiz together quick and easy.


Because of the format, bot the questions and answers appear on the students screens - something my students preferred.


Memes at the end of each question make it fun also!



Of course at the end students can see immediately the answers and teachers get a great overview that helps them identify problem areas or areas students are already proficient in.


So next time you want to gather some feedback on what students understand - try Quizziz!


Students could also use this free tool to create their own quizzes and share these with the class.