What is Video Editor for Windows 10?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Windows 10 has a cool tool for video editing called "Video Editor"


Introducing Story Remix in Windows 10





Automatic video with music 
View and edit a video made for you 
Custom video with music 
Edit a new video from start to finish 
Gather related photos and videos


Choosing Create - Custom video with music allows you to select either photos or videos and mix them together with a theme, music, and text - all really simply!



You can choose the order of the pictures and the length of each one, choose your own music to accompany your video PLUS amazing 3D effects (more of that next time!). Text can be overlayed on each picture in a variety of styles.


Here are the details:


Story Remix


From <http://edtechwa.blogspot.com.au/2018/04/video-remix-in-photos-app.html>