What are some handy keyboard shortcuts?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Here are some keyboard shortcuts you may not have known about:

  • Create a new desktop: Windows+ctrl+d
  • Switch between desktops: ctrl+windows+arrows
  • Snip tool: You have probably used the snip tool before, but if you press windows+shift+s it opens the snip tool option, and saves the snip to your clipboard
  • Display/hide desktop: Windows+d
  • Rename an item : F2
  • Search for key words on a page or document: Ctrl+f
  • Sticky keys (shift key x5) allows you to simply press a key (like shift or control) without having to hold it down
  • Open items on the task bar: Windows + relevant num key
  • Open items on the task bar in new window: Windows + shift + relevant num key
  • Task manager: ctrl + shift + escape
  • Close current window: alt + f4
  • Highlight: Shift + (move cursor using any of arrow keys, home/end, page up, page down)
  • Quick move using arrow keys: ctrl + arrow keys