What is Office Lens?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Office Lens



What is Office Lens?

Office Lens turns your smartphone into a pocket scanner to easily save anything from the real world into your digital world. So you never lose a thing again.  Use it to take pictures of homework assignments, whiteboards or sticky notes—then let Office Lens crop, enhance and save to your favorite Office apps, such as OneNote and OneDrive. Just like that—all the scanned images you capture from Office Lens are accessible on all your devices.


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Learn more use cases in education in https://doc.co/X6FTGP


Use Case






In the classroom

Students can scan the whiteboard, handouts, and pages from books to digitize the content. Once the content is OneNote students can annotate, highlight, and have it available from anywhere. Have a student that has trouble taking notes while contributing in class? Let her focus on the discussion then scan the notes on the whiteboard.


Teachers can easily scan lesson plans or handouts to have the content available on the go and digitally distributable to students. With Office Lens, you can move to a paperless classroom without leaving your lesson plans and gradebooks behind.






On the go

Office Lens is great for field trips and excursions out of the class. Students can scan content simply by taking a picture when at a museum for a school project, letting them focus on learning in the moment instead of taking notes and not interacting with the group.


Taking notes at conferences can sometimes be overwhelming and distracting to learning when the presenter shows slide after slide. Instead of scrambling to copy down the content, take a quick photo with Office Lens to reference later then focus back on session.



Sharing your notes and projects

Never let a student fall behind when they are out of the classroom. If you have handouts, whiteboard notes or handwritten notes from a group project just scan them and share them directly with the students. Then they can keep up with class by collaborating with OneNote.


Easily scan and share drawings and projects with parents. Just scan it and let Office Lens magically clean up the image then send it via email to keep the family involved.