How to find free quality images?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Finding quality images online to use that do not infringe on copyright is a challenge if we just use a basic Google search. 

It is important that we know how to refine a Google image search to find images that are labelled for reuse, plus refine images by:

  • Size – go for large so the images look good.
  • Colour – B&W, transparent, full colour
  • Type – photo, clip art, drawing, animated
  • Time – today, last week or a custom range – great for looking for images published online just recently or perhaps back in 1999!



There are many sites that offer free images - Pixabay is my favourite. It has a free image library that has beautiful, high resolution images and illustrations that are free to use without any attribution.



Other sites to check out include: I got the images for the Seqta themes from here by searching for “abstract”



Here are the details:






Anytime you need a high quality image for a presentation, project, blog post