How to quick notes on OneNote?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Quick Notes: When you don't have OneNote open, but want to take a quick note to file later


  1. When you are sitting at your desk, and the phone rings, but you don't have a sticky pad available, or even OneNote up and running, you can press the Windows key + N to launch the Send to OneNote feature.



  1. Select New Quick Note (or press "N" again)


  1. A purple "post it" appears. Type your notes as you talk on the phone and then just "exit" by clicking the X in the top right corner. (No need to save)


  1. This will be found in your Quick Notes at the bottom of your "bookshelf".  You can move the information easily. Either:
    1. Move the page by dragging  it and dropping it where you want it
    2. OR… highlight the text on the page, then copy and paste it where you want it.