Why is OneNote for Windows 10 is Better than OneNote 2016?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Why OneNote for Windows 10 Is Better Than OneNote 2016

So why should you switch to OneNote for Windows 10? Microsoft keeps adding new features to OneNote and migrating features from OneNote 2016 to the Windows 10 app.

Here are some awesome benefits you’ll get from switching over to OneNote for Windows 10. And the ones listed here are not all of them. You’ll find a list of features only available in OneNote for Windows 10 on Microsoft’s site, and new features are being added each month.

Share Notes With Any Windows 10 App

OneNote for Windows 10 allows you to share notes with other Windows 10 apps like Mail, Skype, and Twitter.

Open the note you want to share and click Share in the upper-right corner of the OneNote window. Then, click Send a copy.

Click Send a copy

The Share dialog box shows the Windows 10 apps installed on your PC that are fit to share your note with. If you don’t see the app you want to share your note with, click Get apps in Store at the bottom of the dialog box. The Microsoft Store shows you a list of available apps you can use to share your note.

You can also share your note with people by clicking on a person above the list of apps or clicking More people and selecting a person from your address book.

Share dialog box in OneNote

Draw Using Your Finger or Mouse

You can draw or sketch in notes using a Surface Pen (if you have a Surface) or your finger if you have a PC with a touch screen. If you don’t have a touch screen or a Surface, you can still draw using your mouse.

To draw in a note, open the note you want to draw in. The selected note can contain other content like typed text and images.

On the Draw tab, click the type of pen you want to use, then click Draw with Mouse or Touch. Start drawing in your note using your finger or mouse.

Draw using your finger or mouse

Solve and Graph Math Equations

OneNote will even solve and graph equations for you. You can either type or write your equations. We’re going to write the equation for our example because it’s quicker when your equations contain items like superscripts. We’ll also show you how to convert a written equation to a typed one.

To use the Math Assistant to solve an equation, click the Draw tab. Then, click the type of pen you want to use and click Draw with Mouse or Touch.

With your finger, stylus, or mouse, write your equation in the note.

Handwrite an equation

Click the Lasso tool and drag your mouse around the equation. The beginning and end of the lasso automatically connect, so when the connection shows that the selection includes the whole equation, release the mouse button.

Use the Lasso tool to select your equation

Click Math on the Draw tab.

Click Math on the Draw tab

To convert your handwritten equation to a typed equation, click Ink to Math on the Mathpane.

Click Ink to Math on the Draw tab

Choose whether you want to solve for an unknown in the equation or graph the equation from the first drop-down list. Drag the box with the solution to the note.

You can also show the steps to get to the solution using the second drop-down list. Drag the steps box to the note.

Select the solution and the steps

Now you have a complete solution to your equation.

Equation solved

Transform Drawings Into Shapes

Another cool benefit of the drawing tools in OneNote is the ability to draw shapes and have them turn into shapes automatically.

Click the Draw tab and click the type of pen you want to use.

Click Draw with Mouse or Touch and then click Ink to Shape. With your finger, stylus, or mouse, draw a shape in the note.

Make sure you connect the beginning and end of the drawn shape.

Drawing a shape

The drawing automatically transforms into the shape you drew.

Transformed shape

Save Web Page Annotations in Microsoft Edge to OneNote

Microsoft Edge allows you to add annotations to webpages and save them to OneNote.

To add an annotation to a page and save it to OneNote, open Edge and navigate to the web page you want to annotate.

Click Add Notes on the toolbar in the upper-right corner of the window.

Click Add Notes in Edge

Choose whether you want to write on the web page with the Ballpoint pen, highlight text with the Highlighter, or Add a Note.

Click Add a note in Edge

Write on the web page, highlight text on the page, or add a note by clicking on the page and typing your note in the box.

Type a note on a web page in Edge

Click Save Web Note and make sure OneNote is selected on the dropdown pane.

Select a recently used section to save your web note in from the Choose a recent sectiondropdown list or accept the default section. Then, click Save.