What is Microsoft Stream?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Microsoft Stream is like your own internal YouTube service for any company running Office 365. For a school it provides a way students and staff can upload and share video content without needing to post the videos on a file server that is often slow and hard to access when not at school.




To use Stream go to https://stream.microsoft.com/




CLICK HERE for the user guide in PDF or get the full guide online HERE



You can use Stream to upload and share videos within your organisation. This gives you a level of security you can't get with YouTube plus the big benefit for schools with Office365 is that students can login with their school details.



With Stream you can

  • Upload a video and share a link with the whole organisation or just one person
  • Create a channel which can be a private channel for a defined group of students who can add their own videos to the channel.
  • Create a group of teachers or students that can get access to a channel.


Give the video a name and description:



Add groups or individuals:



Options include allowing comments on the video and having a caption file that converts voice to text.



Share the video via a link or embed in a blog/website


Details below!

Microsoft Stream