Video Editor in Windows 10 - updates 2020

Answered by Greg Port

For those of you who want a fully featured video editing software tool for creating intricate movies - this isn't for you!

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The video editor built into Windows 10 does however really appeal if you want to quickly and easily put together great looking videos. Who doesn't like quick and easy?

Here is an overview of the features I look at in this video:

1. Add images from the web

2. Bulk change image duration

3. Precise trim

4. Speed of video clips

5. Export as a project file



Consider if you are working on a project, as you go you can capture images and videos of your progress. The video editor can bring it all together at the end, complete with a title slide, music, narration, effects and more.
The last feature here is a great way to enable you to collaborate on a video project - by exporting a whole project you can work together on different sections and bring them all together at the end. That is a game changer if you have ever seen how much work the person editing the video ends up doing independent of all the other group members!