How do I use Smart Art in Microsoft Word?

Answered by Jacob Gray

Smart Art is a feature of Microsoft Word that can be used to create visual flowcharts and diagrams easily.

To use Smart Art go to the insert menu and click the Smart Art button

Then select the graphic you want from the menu. You can filter results by using the menu on the left.

Smart Art has many graphics to choose from, so find one that works for your project by clicking once on the diagram and using the preview on the right side of the popup box.

Once you have found your ideal graphic select it and press OK. You can change the size by clicking on the outer border. To enter your text you can either select the shape or use the menu.

You can also resize individual shapes by selecting them and moving their markers. The text size will stay the same between all objects based on the smallest box. You can increase the size of all text by clicking the outside border and changing the size normal but be aware that you may need to change the size of some of the boxes.


You can change the colour, style, number and position of shapes by clicking on the Smart Art and then clicking on the Smart Art Design menu.

Promote / Demote moves shapes left and right and Move Up / Move Down moves shapes up and down where there are multiple branches from one object. Add a shape by clicking on add shape and change style, colour and layout by clicking on their respective buttons. You can expand layouts and styles by clicking the downwards pointing arrow that has a line above it.