What are some tips and tricks for Outlook?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Outlook 2016 
Tips & Tricks 
Shortcuts and timesavers for 
your favorite email and calendar app 
Applies to Outlook 2016 for Windows 
1. Get to your inbox fast 
Just started up your computer and want to see your inbox right away? TO' this 
Type outlook and then press the Enter key. 
and Windom 
When Outlook starts, press these keys to create a new email message; 
Ctrl + N 
Add your recipients, a subject line, and then write your message. 
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2. Stop hunting for attachments 
Recently worked on something? Don't search for it — ifs likely already on the Attach File menu. 
Save a file in any 
Click Attach File. 
Create a new 
Ctrl + N 
On the ribbon, click 
M age 
Select a recently saved file from the list. 
3. Where's the Bcc field? 
Sending out an email to a bunch of people? Tum on the Bcc field so they can't see the 
recipients. Nor can they reply to all of the them. Here's how to bring up the Bcc field. 
Create a new 
Ctrl + N 
The Bcc field shows up. 
On the ribbon, click 
O ons 
Click the Bcc 
Bcc is sticky! What does that mean? It means that after you show it the first time, it will always 
show up from that moment on. If you turn it off — that's sticky, too! It will stay off in that case.
4. Get rid of outdated Auto-Complete addresses 
Auto-Complete addresses are handy — except when the'/ re not. Here's how to delete them. 
Start typing a name. and you'll See the list. 
On the Click the X to remove the address. 
Want to delete all Auto-complete You can. GO TO File > Options Mail. 
down to the Send messages section Then either click the Empty Auto-complete List button, 
or uncheck use Auto-complete to turn it off.