How do I get a link to OneDrive?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

Sending an email with an attachment has been the paradigm for decades when we want to get a document from one person to another. Now with OneDrive (or any other cloud-based storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox), there is a better way.




Imagine, instead of sending one file (say 1MB) to 200 people in a company which means there are now 201 copies of that file and 201MB of storage space taken up in people's email, you sent a LINK to the same document so people could access it online. Now there is ONE document (which everyone could edit if needed) and 1MB of space on your own computer.


The other big difference is the size of file you can send. Typically, sending large files over email is either banned or impractical. Using this method, you can send a link to a file or folder of any size. So that large 1GB movie file you have created can be viewed online (and downloaded if needed). Additionally you can give edit access to a folder which will then allow anyone with the link (say a group of students) to add files to the folder.


The way this works is by getting a link to the file (or folder) in OneDrive which is dead easy!


See the video for details:

OneDrive - get a link