How do I use Loom to record my screen?

Answered by Greg Port

Did you know you can talk 6 times faster than you can type?

Sometimes it is quicker and easier to get your message out by video, especially if you have to show someone how you did something on your screen.

Loom is a great FREE tool that is offering free access (for life) for teachers and students.



Loom demo





To get started go to and use your school email address to sign up



You can get Loom pro for free, see details here


So after you sign up your account should automatically become a Pro account, check out the details on the page above for more information.


Comparison of features



    • Loom allows you to quickly and easily make a screen recording of anything on your screen
    • As soon as you are done the video is available to share - no need to upload anywhere
    • You can share the link to the video via email or post somewhere for people to click