What do I do if my scratch disks are full?

Answered by Midge Khinsoe

First, check which drive your scratch disk is - with Photoshop open, open the 'Edit' drop-down menu, then scroll to the bottom, select Preferences, then Scratch Disks. It should look like the images below. You can also open the scratch disk menu by holding Control+Alt while you open Photoshop.

The scratch disk on your school laptop will always be the D:/ drive, do not change this. On your home pc, it is recommended that you use an SSD as your scratch disk (often your C:/ drive will be an SSD). The scratch disk menu will show how much space is free - try to have at least 25gb free. 

The best way to free up a ton of space is to offload old documents or temp files. If all your work is on OneDrive you can just right-click on any file that has a green tick and select "Free up space". This will take a 'hard copy' off your computer's storage and keep it only on OneDrive. Do that to any files you won't need instant access to (you can still access your files, they will just have to download first) and it will free up space on your drive.

Temp files should be automatically deleted, but if you're worried about them taking up space or if you are having problems with OneDrive, please contact the TSC.