What are some tips for Microsoft Forms?

Answered by Yogi Kumar



Some updates for October 2020...

0:00 Introduction

0:17 Print Forms

0:43 Progress bars on Sections

1:52 Immersive Reader in Forms Consumer and mobile

3:30 Immersive Reader for Forms embedded in OneNote

4:03 Creating a Form in Office Mobile

More details on Forms here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/forms 

Recently Microsoft have added some machine learning that goes a step further than I thought Forms could. In this example, you can see how Forms can take a question, give you the correct answer plus other alternatives to make up all the options in a multiple choice quiz, then further suggest 3 other similar questions.

Microsoft Forms - intelligence feature with maths equations

Microso Forms 
Intellingent features

Quiz done in under 1 minute!

Check out other intelligent design options in Forms at https://forms.office.com/