How to sign up for cosapces?

Answered by Yogi Kumar

To join, students and staff go to then select login - Office 365


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STUDENTS: Simply follow the steps below and start using CoSpaces Edu: 
Sign-up for CoSpaces Edu 
o Cet the invite code from your teacher. 
o Co to, click on "Sign up" and follow the steps to login. 
Let your teacher know if you encounter any issue to join CoSpaces Edu. 
Join your class 
o On the left menu, go to the "My Classes" tab to find your class. The classes which 
you've been invited to will always appear in this section. 
Let your teacher know if you cannot find your class in CoSpaces Edu. 
Open assignments 
o When your teacher has created an assignment, you will see it in y.ur class, 
under the "Assignments" section. 
o Make sure to check out the assignments' instructions before you get started 
with you r work. 
Send your spaces 
o If your teacher has enabled this feature, y.u will be able to click on the "Share" 
option, automatically generating a LJRL and a QA code, which you can send to 
others to let them view your space. 
Create your own spaces 
o Co to the "Free play" section, where you can freely create any virtual space you 
want with CoSpaces Edu creation tools. 
o Explore all the different tools and features available in CoSpaces Edu and let 
your imagination unfold!