How to I use video editor and Inking in Windows 10

Answered by [Unclaimed]

One of the tucked away features in the Photos app on Windows 10 is the ability to not only ink (or draw) on videos and photos but anchor annotations to a moving object. Which looks really cool!


For example, you could take a video of yourself performing a dance or playing a sport, then annotate your analysis on top of the video.


Photos app and inking in Windows 10


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Additionally, you can include amazing 3D effects and attach these to moving objects to achieve some next-level videos! Check out some of the effects you can add:


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But wait there is more! You can also include a huge range of 3D objects into your video (or picture) and anchor these to moving objects. Can I see a T-Rex chasing a ball down a hill coming up - oh yes!


Animais Insects