How do I make keyboard shortcuts for dot points in Word?

Answered by Kerry Cao

OneNote has a very useful keyboard shortcut for bullet points (Ctrl+.) and numbering (Ctrl+/)…

But Word doesn’t. However, we can create our own keyboard shortcuts in Word.

To create keyboard shortcuts for bullet points, go file and then options.




























Go into the “Customize ribbon” tab and press the “customize” button next to keyboard shortcuts.




















Select the home tab on the left and scroll down to “Bullets Gallery” on the right. Then select the textbox below “Press new shortcut key: ” and press the Ctrl+. (or what you want the shortcut to be) and then click “assign”











Do the same for numbering gallery but press Ctrl+/ (or the shortcut you want). Remember to press “assign”











Then you can close the options window and you now have keyboard short cuts for bullet points and numbering lists.