How can I see version history in Word?

Answered by Kerry Cao

Version history is a great option to see previous versions of your document, and restore previous versions so any unwanted changes can be rolled back.

1. Open the file you were working on.

2. Click the File > Info and select View and restore previous versions.















3. The Version history tab will open. Click a version to open and view it in a separate window.

If the file you want to restore isn't already open

1. Select the file you want to restore in the OneDrive files list in your browser.

2. Click Version History on the ribbon towards the top of the screen.


If you want to restore a file you have open in the app

1. Select the File tab

2. Go to the Info group

3. Select Version History

To restore a prior version

With the version you want to restore open in your application, click Restore in the message bar at the top of the opened version.

Restore will save your current file as a new version and then replace your current file with the contents of the version you chose to restore.